Our History

    Iran Frameco Research and Production Complex was established in 1354 as a manufacturer of concrete and standard concrete parts with the aim of transferring modern concrete knowledge and industry to the country. Iran Frameco started its activity after conducting extensive studies and using the results of spatial planning studies, and selecting a suitable location for the establishing of a concrete production firm. This complex has launched a new chapter in the country's concrete industry. Severan technologies currently available in the country in the production of special concrete and concrete products have been established by Iran Frameco.



    Iran Frameco, on 220,000 square meters land with a 15,000 square meter hall equipped with a processing system, is located within 20 km from Karaj on Karaj-Qazvin road in Tehrandasht region. One of the advantages of this location is easy access to resources and raw materials for concrete production, including high-quality aggregates, cement and water, as well as proximity to the growing construction market in the west of Tehran province.


    Equipping modern machines for producing, transporting and pumping ready-mixed concrete and all kinds of concrete products with national and international standards in a complex with a quality control department and a permanent laboratory, with the continuous employment of the most experienced engineers in the industry and concrete knowledge over the past 40 years, has resulted in gaining unique experiences in the concrete industry.


     Providing technical specification sheet for all of the manufactured products, which includes all specifications of their constituent materials, mixing plan, production conditions and required information, is performed for the first time and only by Iran Frameco. Technical specification sheet gives the buyers the opportunity to access technical information of the purchased products.


    Warranty and guarantee of technical features of concrete products, such as concrete resistance class, water absorption percentage, permeability, durability against frost cycles, durability against sulfate attack, minimum and maximum specific weight of concrete and other practical technical specifications of concrete products It is another service of this complex. Iran Frameco is honored to guarantee all its products for at least 15 years and at most 100 years.



    Relying on human values and believing that "quality is the key to excellence and survival of any business", Manager of Iran frameco emphasizes on controlling the product quality and the physical and mental health of employees and contractors, and preserves the environment with the slogan "Superior production, Durable product, Healthy environment" in all stages of the process and through elimination or control of risks and safety caused by the activities of the complex, he adheres to the continuous improvement of the integrated management system based on national and international standards.

    Prevention and reduction of occupational accidents for all personnel through the control of factors causing safety and health risks.

    Caring about the mental health of the employees and trying to reduce their mental pressure.

    Protecting the contractors who are affected by the company's safety risks (by implementing non-attendance trainings).

    Identifying and reducing health and safety risks in the complex.

    Prevention and continuous reduction of pollution, waste and the possibility of danger.

    Optimum consumption of resources and efforts to recover waste using the potential of research, development and new technologies, in compliance with laws and regulations.

  • Iran Frameco research and production complex in 1354 to produce concrete and concrete parts in compliance with the standards and transfer modern concrete knowledge and industry to the country, by conducting extensive studies and using the results of land surveying studies, after choosing a suitable location to build a production unit Concrete and concrete parts have been established and during its activity, it has created a new chapter in the country's concrete industry in such a way that many new technologies of special concrete types and concrete products have been established by this complex. Iran Frameco has been able to create a new chapter in the construction and urban development industry by working in the fields of road and urban development, precast concrete parts, standard-ready concrete, and GFRC.

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